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Goldsmithing and diamond setting with Kevork Gurunian

Goldsmithing and diamond setting with Kevork Gurunian

Sit back, relax, and watch the man work... Gurunian.com.

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John Martin Douglas Master Goldsmith: Bespoke Gold Ring

The classic engagement ring is a solitaire diamond in gold or platinum, but of course you can have any combination of stones and metals you desire. Matching ...

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The goldsmith's art of Tuscany: a jewel of Italian tradition

A long history which begins with the Italian Renaissance and continues all the way to the present day. A tradition which developed in workshops and was ...

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Smelting gold for making traditional Indian jewellery

An Indian goldsmith smelts gold for making jewellery in India. Gold is one of the most expensive elements in the world and is well known for its use in jewellery.

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Ancient goldsmith art silver glue for beginners

old goldsmiths solder for 999 silver.

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I wanna be a Goldsmith

This is the story of three danish apprentices going to Italy for a work experience to become Goldsmith !!

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Richard's Goldsmithing - How It's Done


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THE GOLDSMITH - short documentary (2014)

We take a look at David Thomas a jewellery maker from Derry/Londonderry. We look how he started making jewellery and his story on how and why he became ...

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Yaakov Davidoff, Goldsmith at work


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Advanced Blast Furnace Gold Smithing Guide | Max 340-350k Smithing xp/h!

Advanced Blast Furnace Gold Smithing Guide | Max 340-350k Smithing xp/h! w58 for instant bars 24/7 Skip to 6:55 for just the method itself.

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How to melt up scrap gold and make two wedding rings

Andrew Berry shows you how to make a wedding band out of scrap gold. Every detail is shown. Why not join his On Line Jewellery training website at http://www ...

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Gold smithing the Old School way.

Boss man and I set up the centrifugal force unit to cast Gold with. It works like a hot damn. Flawless, perfect jewellery every time. We worked out the method on ...

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The Goldsmith : Part 3

Join goldsmith J. Kendrick Thompson as he hand fabricates a custom jewelry design from start to finish, right before your eyes. Many interesting and specialized ...

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Goldsmithing Technique- Soldering chain links closed

Securing the chain to the pendant by soldering the chain link connections closed. Laine Benthall demonstrates how to solder sterling silver using tiny pieces of ...

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Tiffany Budd - GoldSmith

Tiffany Has spent the last 15 years perfecting the skills that allow her to produce one off designs of sculptural jewellery in silver and gold. From design to finish ...

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Cambridge Business Crawl 2017 - Express Goldsmithing

Tour Of Cambridge Business Crawl Participating and supporting businesses for 2017.

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Goldsmith at work in India, as his wife performs a puja

An Indian goldsmith works on pieces of gold jewellery as his wife performs puja at his workshop. Goldsmiths have been an integral part of Indian society for ages ...

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The Master Goldsmith

Russ Hollander is an International award winning designer and 37 year veteran of the jewelry industry. Filmmaker and video producer Jimmy ienner, Jr. gives ...

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Goldsmithing technique- Soldering

Jewelry artist and goldsmith Laine Benthall demonstrates soldering 14ky gold balls onto a sterling silver ring.

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Goldsmithing, vacuum casting, gold, silver, palladium, into graphite.

This furnace will melt and cast from one gram to one ounce of silver or gold, or up to 1/2 an ounce of palladium into graphite molds using 110 volt electricity.

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Corneau Goldsmithing

Upon first glance, Michael Corneau's work is both intricate and elegant in design. Michael draws from his extensive background in architecture and his ...

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The Art of Goldsmithing


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Florence in New York - Goldsmithing

The Italian goldsmith's art is above all history and traditional craftsmanship combined with innovative ideas proposed by the younger generation. Florence in ...

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Goldsmith Jeweler Robert Giede Explains How To Set Your Gold Free

http://www.SetYourGoldFree.com Robert Giede is an award-winning jeweler and goldsmith located in the Midwest. In this video, learn the difference between a ...

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Revere on Goldsmithing: Applying a Design to Silver

Part 1 of Volume 1: Japanese Pattern Earrings, from the Revere on Goldsmithing DVD series. Learn how to apply a design to silver sheet. Lean over a master's ...

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Express Goldsmithing Christmas 1 1768


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GOLDSMITH Yaring Platero's Video-17 Making of rose gold ring with pink tourmaline

YARING PLATERO is a small Bench Jeweler with an authentic craftsmanship who accepts one at a time client for Jewelry Made to Order and Repair. Also a ...

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Goldsmiths' Fair 2016

Goldsmiths' Fair, organised by The Goldsmiths' Company, is recognised internationally as the premier showcase in the UK for contemporary designer jewellery ...

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The Art of Goldsmithing - Jacobi Jewelry in the early years of israel's statehood

The Art of Goldsmithing Jacobi Jewelry in the early years of israel's statehood Eretz Israel Muzeum,Tel-Aviv Curator:Prof:Nurit Kenaan-Kedar.

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Sint Lucas Antwerp - Jewellery Design & Goldsmithing 2010

Presentation of the graduation projects of the students of the Jewellery Design class 2010 of the Sint Lucas Antwerp College of Art & Design.

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